Pearl Of Peace

The word ‘Photography’ comes form the greek phrase ‘Drawing With Light’ and on a recent trip to Spain to photograph a one of kind Stallion named Oro ‘Pearl Of Peace’ that is exactly how it felt.

I don’t often get chance to spend 3 days photographing 1 horse & certainly not one this beautiful. Painting with light is literally what this felt like, the more of that Spanish hue I let into the photograph the more the images took on a unique style. I was in my element.

We planned 2 shoots a day on each of the 3 days, one at sunrise and one at sunset to avoid the daytime sun that not even my flash power can defeat. knowing all of these shoots would be much shorter than my normal horse photography I needed to plan.

I spent a day before we started the photography getting to know Oro and watching Amador ride him. I shot some video of him on this prep day to better understand him and to see what it was about this beautiful horse i needed to capture. That night in my hotel room i studied this footage which is not something i have ever had the opportunity to do before, this proved invaluable on the shoot days. It wasn’t just a case of getting to know the horse but how the light effected his coat, he has a double pearl gene which means he has the most stunning golden coat and a certain type of light highlights this. However this variation in light on his coat I witnessed on the video just using daylight also got me thinking how would the flash light equipment I use effect his coat.

The next 3 days were an absolute joy getting to know Oro, his owner and also his rider Amador, it was a fantastic experience and shooting over 3 days allowed me opportunities to experiment with light like never before. Some of the most magical photographs have come from balancing in more ambient light at dusk than i normally would. The light in Spain at dusk has a unique, very warm hue that was just a joy to work with, we were also blessed to have some amazing cloud detail too.

The photography from this shoot will be released next week, some of the images will be available to purchase as limited edition prints but for now here is a behind the scenes film.

Thank you