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The image above is the first photograph released from my study of the wonderful horse Pearl Of Peace, otherwise known as The Golden Horse.

It took a full day studying him and three days of shooting to produce a collection of fine art photographs that I feel really capture this stunning Andalusian Stallion. His golden coat is quite exquisite, but he is so much more than just a golden horse to me. Oro, as he is affectionately known, had a warm and open personality, he was so kind and patient with me which allowed me the opportunity to really get to know him.

It was very sad leaving on day three but as the beautiful Spanish sun went down for the last time on our shoot the clouds turned a beautiful golden colour and the air itself felt like it had a warm hue about it.

My two biggest influences are not photographers but the old master artists George Stubbs and Théodore Géricault and the feeling here was like standing inside one of their beautiful paintings with a vista to die for. So, of course it felt like there might be one more shot to get before we headed back to the UK. We quickly unpacked the flash lighting and had one last burst of photographs to see if I could capture some of this incredibly beautiful mood.

The owner who commissioned me to photograph Oro adores the painting ‘Horse Frightened By Lighting’ by Eugene Delacroix, a classic painting from 1829. What happened next I didn’t expect. Just as soon as I had my lighting in position Oro started to move and I feverishly fired my Hasselblad shutter and hoped that in that 1/1000 second I had caught ’the’ moment. I only got one shot before Oro was static once more. The entire moment was over within seconds but stayed in my mind all the way home.

I don’t often look at the back of my camera on a shoot so it was a few days later in the UK while working my way through the images that I found it. My heart lifted. It was a very proud and quite emotional moment.

To view a gallery of the resulting artworks from my three day shoot please click below. A selection of these images will be available to purchase as limited edition prints soon.

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Here is a behind the scenes look at the shoot: BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO

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