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A Study Of Polo

A photographic fine art study of Polo

I was introduced to Ricky Cooper, Captain of the Wales Polo Team, over 18 months ago. I had an idea to undertake a fine art photographic study of Polo and I was looking for a player who was not only exceptionally skilled at the game but also understood my intentions of capturing the art of Polo like never before. I am not a sports photographer and so my approach is very different, I normally don’t capture motion in my photographic studies of horses either. What I was looking to capture was the intensity, beauty and the artistic shapes and lines it produces. There are so many interesting graphical elements to the game that really lend themselves to a fine art study. 

The moment I spoke with Ricky I knew he was the man for the job.  His enthusiasm matched my own to try something different and that’s exactly what the project needed as I knew it would not be an easy thing to capture, It would take time and patience. Both Ricky and I are very busy and so it took almost a year to finally co-ordinate our diaries for this project. 

The shoot took almost a full day, I wanted to capture some static images but also some movement which is exceptionally difficult to do with this amount of flash power. I only get one shot – one chance – each time the horse passes by so the pressure was on. There is a lot to think about and get right here and it is not just about the horse and the critical placement of the flash lighting. It is also about Ricky, the ball and the mallet all being in the right position in that 1/2000 second and It was one of the most technically demanding shoots I have ever done.

Both myself and Ricky are very proud of this project and I am looking forward to getting more involved in the world of Polo in the future.

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